Leech Treatment Newsletter – Asklepion 1-4 2016

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Newsletter Asklepion (Quarterly scientific and practical journal for medicine) 2014 1-4, mainly devoted to the leeches and hirudotherapy. Developed by the Moscow Hirudotherapy Society. Published thanks to the Foundation for the Development of Hirudotherapy in cooperation with ABROS  company. Bulletin in the original – Russian. Bulletin edited by Savinov Vladimir Alekseevich, the author of several dozen books on leeches.

Table of Contents:

  • Savinov V. A. Hyrudotherapeutic refrain


  • Nikonov G. I., Titova E. A., Kapustina N. And., LebedevA. O. The Development of drug substance Hyrulux – based on the extract from medical leeches
  • Nikonov G. I., Lebedeva A. O., Makarenko L. A. Influence of medical leech extract on psoriasis
  • Nikonov G. I., Lebedeva O. A., Titova, E. A., Mitrokhin N. M. Preclinical trials of Hyrulux drugs, based on the extracts from medical leeches
  • Nikonov G. I., Lebedeva A. O. Preclinical trials of medicines Hyrulux based on extracts from medical leeches. Analysis of the safety of the cutaneous application
  • Lebedeva O. A., Nikonov G. I., Titova E. A., Romanenko E. B., Sobenin I. A., OrekhovA. N. The research of anti-atherogenic and anti-atherosclerotic activity of the extract from medical leeches Hyrulux as a potential drug substance
  • Lebedeva O. A., Kamensky A. A., Nikonov G. I. The medicinal leech Extract hirudo medicinalis and quickness of psychomotor reactions in vivo experiments
  • KrashenyukA. I., Dulnev G. N., Postnov S.E., Krashenyuk S. V. The changes in the structure of aquatic systems of the body – the basis for information and energy metabolism processes in humans and animals
  • Goncharova I. A. The Effectiveness of the leech therapy in diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Jivoglyad R.N., DanilovA.G. The parameters of vegetative regulation in case of hypertensive patients in the North of the Russian Federation
    treated with hirudoreflexotherapy


  • Krashenyuk A. I., Korotkov K. G., N. Kuryleva., Vlaskin S. V., Dubovitskii S. A. The study of the influence of ultra sound diagnostics on the aquatic systems of humans and why this type of diagnostics is dangerous for embrion during the beginning of a pregnancy
  • Ermoshkin V. I., New theory of arrhythmia
  • Savinov V. A., Alemaskina M. L. An Injection of life
  • Savinov V. A. Why it is useful “to ventilate the attic” by leeches
  • Savinov V. A. Duet on the spine


  • Savinov V. A., Alemaskina Complex leech therapy of thyroid diseases
  • OgulovA. T. Visceral therapy and hirudotherapy in gerontological research
  • Smirnov K. Hirudotherapy and hijama. The questions of “toxins”.