Our Courses

We have been organizing courses since 2008. By educating hundreds of therapists, we have developed our own unique program and a completely approach to teaching hirudotherapy. 

The trainings organized by us are in small groups (4-8 people) so that we can devote enough attention to everyone. A small number of people allows you to study practical classes in our office with real patients. Each of our students passes the exam, accepting a minimum of 2 patients. We assess in detail the interview, selection of leech attachment places, patient care, dressing and many more.

Our training is based not only on our experience and the achievements of the largest hirudotherapy schools, as well as numerous scientific publications from the east and the west. We have over 100 books and over 2,000 medical publications in our collections.

During the training on the history and biology of leeches, we only sacrifice about 2 hours. We spend the remaining several dozen hours on items necessary to be a good hirudotherapist:

  • Medicinal substances of medical leeches
  • Leech laws
  • Hygiene and Epidemiology
  • Fundamentals of Pharmacology
  • Causes of disease
  • Technique and methods of attaching leeches
  • Choice of place of attachment, number of leeches, number of treatments
  • Preparation of patients for hirudotherapy
  • Stages of the procedure
  • Body reactions to attaching
  • Contraindications for threatment
  • Leech zones
  • Discussing ways to treat underlying diseases.
  • Organization of a hirudotherapist’s office.
  • Electronic patient card system
  • Practical exercises for catching leeches
  • Hirudokosmetic
  • Psychology of patient approach
  • Basics of laboratory diagnostics
  • Dressing
  • Hirudokompleksoterapy

We are currently preparing an English version of our course. Persons interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us.