We only accept pre-paid orders. The payment process is quick and easy – you can either pay by your credit / debit card (Visa, MasterCard) or PayPal. Prices vary depending on the amount of the leeches you order. For more than 250 leeches within one order, we set prices individually. Attractive discounts for regular orders


We ship live leeches on Mondays and Tuesdays only (plus Wednesdays to some countries too). You can expect your delivery within up to 4 days after purchase (Eco orders) or within 1 – 2 days (Pro orders). Orders are filled on a first-time, first-serve basis. Purchasing leeches at Abros guarantees the highest quality standard and the hi-ghest level of care. Leeches are shipped in a special container that guarantees safe shipping. Each package comes with a coolant that lowers the temperature in the package. In order to keep leeches in a go-od condition once they arrive, follow our guidelines on maintaining leeches below.

Leech care

Immediately upon arrival transfer your leeches out of the container and put them into a jar or just a larger container with water. Low mineralized water (200-250 mg/l) works best. The container or the jar should be filled up to 1/3 of its size. Never use flavored, carbonated or distilled water.

 Make sure you close the container or the jar well, as there is a chance that live leeches will try to escape. Instead of the lid, you may use cloth tied with an elastic band. You should keep the container in the refrigerator and change the water every 4 – 5 days. Never expose live leeches to strong sun or keep them near a heater.