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Leech Treatment Newsletter – Asklepion 1-4 1998

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Newsletter Asklepion (Quarterly scientific and practical journal for medicine) 2014 1-4, mainly devoted to the leeches and hirudotherapy. Developed by the Moscow Hirudotherapy Society. Published thanks to the Foundation for the Development of Hirudotherapy in cooperation with ABROS  company. Bulletin in the original – Russian. Bulletin edited by Savinov Vladimir Alekseevich, the author of several dozen books on leeches.

Table of Contents:

  •  V. A. Savinov. The great redivision
  • V. F. Lvov. Crania-sacral manuał therapy and manuał therapy of vertebral column in correction of aftereflfects of congenital era niocerebral injuries.
  • L. V. Butskaya. Exspress-evaluation of health with electroacupuncture methods
  • Pan Lju Lan,V. 1. Trofimov, О. V. Dudina, A. E. Lebedev. Traditional chinesse medicine methods in complex treatment of patients with bronchial asthma.
  • A. M. Kokosov. Non-medicinal treatment in modem conditions
  • G. I. Krainov From integration of health-treating methods to patient and society integration
  • V. A. Savinov, N. S. Sergeyeva. Leech as an instrument of voluntary-forced correction of spirituality
  • R. Ya .Tatarintseva. Valeology asa science of spiritual person selforganisation
  • G. I. Niconov. Biologically active substances , produced by hirudo medicinalis and its activity mechanisms
  • V. A. Savinov. Disease evolution: aetiology and pathogenesis
  • V. A. Savinov. Local immunodeficiency: the role in chronicity of pathological process
  • V. A. Savinov. Objectification of hirudotherapeutic effects using the “Amsat” computer-program complex
  • R. A. Alexandrova. Acupuncture of bronchial asthma.
  • A. A. Alifanov. Acute respiratory diseases treatment.
  • A. A. Al ifanov. Functional gastrointestinal disorders correction in home conditions
  • D. B. Bateyev, T. D. Dugarzhapova. Hirudotherapy in gynaecology
  • D. B. Bateyev, T. D. Dugarzhapova. Hirudotherapy in hydrosalpinx treatment.
  • Е. К. Beltjukov. Enterosorption in the clinics internal diseases.
  • V. A. Voinov . Afferent-therapy and extracorporal immunocorrection in chronic lung diseases.
  • L. G. Galkina. Hirudotherapy in oncologic gynaecology in district polyclinic.
  • N. M. Efremov. Non-medicinal treatment in patients with bronchial asthma.
  • N. E. Lubimova,T. M. Mokrushina, N. G. Solovjeva. «Caused hypoxia» method in the treat ment of vertebrobasilar insufficiency syndroms.
  • V. S. Malovetsky, N. A. Filin, S. V. Romanchuk. Hirudotherapy in complex treatment of cardiac insufficiency in patients with acute miocardial infarction on sanatorium reabilitation period.
  • Morozova V.A. A case of successful application of hirudotherapy in organic brain damage.
  • A. T. Ogulov. Chronic gastritis treatment with old russian internal organs manuał therapy.
  • V. A. Savinov, A. T. Ogulov, E. M. Sokolova, S. A. Budilov. Hirudotherapy and visceral chiropractice as highly effected hybrid technologies of healthing in pediatrics.
  • V. A. Savinov, T. N. Chaban. Comparative characteristic of hirudotherapeutic vessel and reflect effects
  • N. S. Sergeyeva, V. A. Savinov. Hirudotherapy in complex treatment of systemie lupus erythematosus
  • A. I. Serebrenniktf. Experienceof diet therapy application.
  • E . P. Surova. Two cases from medical practice
  • N. I. Tretjachenko . Soy-bean therapy in patients with myocardial ischemia and hypertension
  • T. I. Chomjakova. The case from practice.
  • D. Radev, R. Madzhov. Terminology and classification of duodenalgastral reflux and gastritic reflux.
  • T. I. Chomjakova, V. A. Savinov. Aeromonas hydrophila – microorganism-symbiont of hirudo medicinalis
  • A. A. Gribkov. Bees poison treatment
  • A. T. Ogulov Abdomen manuał therapy and its place in clinic medicine.
  • V. A. Savinov. The role of hirudotherapy in clinic medicine

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Dear clients,

On May 1-5, ABROS is closed.
There are no personal pick-ups or deliveries.  All orders placed after April 25 will not be delivered until May 9-10.