Leech Treatment Newsletter – Asklepion 1-4 1996

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Newsletter Asklepion (Quarterly scientific and practical journal for medicine) 2014 1-4, mainly devoted to the leeches and hirudotherapy. Developed by the Moscow Hirudotherapy Society. Published thanks to the Foundation for the Development of Hirudotherapy in cooperation with ABROS  company. Bulletin in the original – Russian. Bulletin edited by Savinov Vladimir Alekseevich, the author of several dozen books on leeches.

Table of Contents:

  • V.A.Savinov. Ambulatory correction of the immunity
  • G.L.Apanasenko. About secure “level of the human health”
  • E.V.Ptincev. The measurement of results in the physician practice
  • O.Uj.Chizhova, A.N.Kokosov. Possibilities of dietic therapy in patient with vrouchial althma
  • M.D.Volkova-Slavova. The treatment of polyarthritis by manyaltherapy and balmation
  • V.Madzhova, M.Dalyshy, V.Tsanaeva. Diagnosis of diabetic glomeruloschrois in children with insulin-depenocent diabet
  • A.L.Chinev. Local antibiotics in the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis
  • K.D.Djkov. Diagnostic possibilities of the trine system IMAGESTAR
  • V.A.Savinov. Medical care of the spirituality as a element of naturltherapy
  • V.N.Tsibulyk, G.Luvsan, A.L.Alesov, O.I.Zagorulko, S.S.Kartavenko. “Clinic of pain” in the centre of surgery
  • T.V.Vlasova, V.N.Vlasov, A.A.Savelev. The possibility of treatment by riding
  • V.A.Savinov. Local immunity: the role in the pathology
  • D.Radev, R.Madzhov. Duoderal-gastral reflux and gastritic reflux
  • L.D.Ralichkova, A.L.Chinev. Torsion of the testis
  • V.N.Volchenco. Scientific aspects of medical саге by energy-information
  • V.A.Savinov. Combination of hyrudotherapy and chyropractice as a example of higher effective naturotherapeutical technology of the sanitation on the level of complete organizm
  • A.T.Ogulov. Visceral chiropractice in the old Russian medicine