Leech Treatment Newsletter - Asklepion 1 1994

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Newsletter Asklepion (Quarterly scientific and practical journal for medicine) 2014 1-4, mainly devoted to the leeches and hirudotherapy. Developed by the Moscow Hirudotherapy Society. Published thanks to the Foundation for the Development of Hirudotherapy in cooperation with ABROS  company. Bulletin in the original – Russian. Bulletin edited by Savinov Vladimir Alekseevich, the author of several dozen books on leeches.

Table of Contents:

  • A.N.Razumov. Systemie problems of health in the workplace and main principles of rehabilitation medicine in the conditions of market economy
  • F.N.Romashov. Concepts of non-traditional medicine
  • V.A.Savinov. The role of hirudotherapy in treatment oncological patients.
  • G.I.Nikonov, E.A. Titova, E.K.Kovanova, M.F.Pisarenko. The effect of the preparation “Pijavit” on skin metabolic processes
  • G.I.Nikonov, E.A.Titova, E.K.Kovanova, l.G.Boltovskaja, M.F.Pisarenko. The new medicines for skin application on the base of biological active substances, producing by medicinal leeches.
  • A.N.Razumov, L.A.Gridin. Studyof effect Chi-energy with the aim diagnosis and treatment of patients with radiation injury
  • A.T.Demedenko, A.P.Minakov, A.N.Sukachova, L.V.Chilikin. Hirudotherapy in comprehensive treatment ofparodontosis
  • S.P.Chernih, T.I.Andreeva. Experience of hirudotherapy in polyclinic
  • S.E.Musina. Correction of microcirculation in patients with myocardial ischemia by hirudotherapy
  • O.N.Makarova, L.V.Savina. Evaluation of human energy exchange
  • L.L.Mashaeva, B.G.Ermoshenko. Effect of xenobiotics on pregnancy