Leech Treatment Newsletter – Asklepion 1-4 2011

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Newsletter Asklepion (Quarterly scientific and practical journal for medicine) 2011 1-4, mainly devoted to the leeches and hirudotherapy. Developed by the Moscow Hirudotherapy Society. Published thanks to the Foundation for the Development of Hirudotherapy in cooperation with ABROS  company. Bulletin in the original – Russian. Bulletin edited by Savinov Vladimir Alekseevich, the author of several dozen books on leeches.

Table of Contents:

  • K.I.Shilin. Ecosophy of hirudotherapy as the future of integrative

  • V. A. Savinov, E. Yu. Shakhmatova. Ayurveda and complex hirudotherapy. Clinical and therapeutic parallels

  • V. P. Mlyavyi, V. P. Zanevsky, E. N. Shostak, V. A. Gorelov, G. A. Sysoi, V. A. Ryzhenkov, V. Kh. Korban, T. V. Mlyavaya, O. Yu. Mlyavaya, M. A. Kolyadko, M. K. Anosova, E. N. Novokhodko, N. N. Bondareva, P. P. Pashuk. Apitherapy, hirudotherapy and puncture apigirudotherapy of varicose veins of the lower extremities in combination with herbal medicine, medotherapy and honey-ointment applications

  • M. L. Dmitriev. Complex hirudotherapy in the correction of autonomic disorders

  • E. Yu. Shakhmatova, K. I. Shilin. Living sociology of medical creativity (with an emphasis on hirudotherapy)

  • G. G. Danilchenko, N. D. Danilchenko. The use of lunar rhythms in hirudotherapy

  • V.A. Savinov. Hirudovegetology is the key to everything

  • V.A. Savinov. Diseases of the human subtle bodies. Prevention and treatment.

  • V.A. Savinov. Integration levels of structure and functions in a holistic

  • O. M. Kozinskaya. Ode to the leech. About the KGT seminar in Moscow. Reflections of a doctor on health, ill health and illness

  • M. Savinov. Essay on eternity