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Our history with leeches began in 2005. We started from retail sales, but we quickly discovered the potential of leech clinical treatment. Having gained extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of leech treatment, we now work both with individual clients and bulk orders. We have also handled clinical trainings and lectures on leech treatment for 7 years now. The quality of our leeches, the customer service and the satisfaction of our clients are of the utmost importance to us. Each order is carefully prepared, the leeches we ship are packed in special containers with a solid seal.

Our leeches

We do our best to maintain our leeches in a sterile and pure environment. We believe in technology and innovation – we continually invest in the latest solutions so that our leeches are of the highest clinical standard. The species we offer is the high-quality Hirudo Verbana, which is widely used in most European countries. Every order is sent with a receipt and certificate so that you’re certain about the highest quality and the origin of the leeches you purchase. 


Please keep in mind that there are various sizes of leeches to choose from: 

  • small leeches – 0.5-1 g – mostly used for face and cosmetic treatment;
  • medium leeches – 1-2 g – the most popular size, to be used for all types of treatment; 
  • large leeches – 2-3 g – used for varicose veins treatment.
    Weight may range + / – 10%.

We do our best to answer all special requests you may have – on top of the standard 3 sizes, we might also offer even smaller or larger leeches. Let us know about your needs!

Packing and delivery

The leeches are packed in a special container with a coolant in it. Thanks to the low temperature, leeches can easily bear the journey. We pack larger quantities in special box without gel. In order not to tire the leeches unnecessarily we send them only with the best couriers. We have two versions of delivery. Eco and Pro. Eco can go 2-3 days in Europe. The pro version is more expensive, but not only will you receive your package in 1-2 days, but you will also be sure that the leeches can handle it well. Currently, we ship leeches only to Europe and only on Mondays and Tuesdays. Take care of the leeches, don’t save money on your package! You can read more about packaging and delivery here