Leeches 500pc


Additional information


We have been trading leeches since 2005. Our adventure began with retail sales, and then we started to look at clinics. We put great emphasis on the quality of leeches, proper leeches protection and customer service. We also deal with the treatment of leeches ourselves so we know what leeches are the best to treat and how to take care of them. Our people are those who buy a few pieces because they want to treat themselves with leeches, as well as companies that take thousands.


The species available here is Hirudo Verbana, used for treatment practically all over Europe.  Here you can choose the size of leeches, usually it is not a problem, we have a stock, but periodically some of them may not be available. If so, we will let you know!  We add a receipt and certificate to each package as a certificate of legality! Thanks to this you can be sure that leeches come from a certain source. By purchasing this product you are buying 500 leeches of the selected size.


Different people, depending on the purpose of using leeches and their own preferences, prefer different sizes of leeches. We make every effort to ensure that all sizes are available at all times, however, leech breeding is time-consuming and shortages may occur periodically.

  • Small leeches are mainly used on the face and cosmetics, e.g. spider veins. Weight: 0.5-1 grams.
  • Medium leeches are the most preferred. They can be placed virtually anywhere. Weight: 1-2 grams.
  • Large leeches are mainly used in the treatment of varicose veins in elderly people, where we do not have to take into account the traces of the treatment. Weight 2-3 grams.

Weight may range + -10%. On request, we can prepare larger or smaller sizes.

Packing and delivery

The leeches are packed in a special container with a coolant in it. Thanks to the low temperature, leeches can easily bear the journey. We pack larger quantities in special box without gel. In order not to tire the leeches unnecessarily we send them only with the best couriers. We have two versions of delivery. Eco and Pro. Eco can go 2-3 days in Europe. The pro version is more expensive, but not only will you receive your package in 1-2 days, but you will also be sure that the leeches can handle it well. Currently, we ship leeches only to Europe and only on Mondays and Tuesdays. Take care of the leeches, don’t save money on your package!