“Kaleidoskope of a complex hirudotherapy” V.A. Savinov, N.N. Nam

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Kaleidoskope of a complex hirudotherapy – The wealth of comprehensive hirudotherapy
Author: Владимир Савинов – Vladimir Savinov, Nam Neron Nikolaevich
Release year: 2019
Pages: 117
ISBN: 978-5-89163-264-6
Book language: English

W.A.Savinov, one of the most famous Hirudotherapists. Author of several dozen books on Hirudotherapy and countless publications. Author of hirudoinformation doctrine and autocrine. President of the Moscow Association of Hirudotherapists.

In the book there is discussed the need for advanced planning of a new generation medicine. Where should we take the lead?

There is proposed a model of information therapy with application of leech nosodes, the development of which has been carried out by the Moscow Alliance of Hirudotherapeutists for 25 years, basing on the heritage of S. Ganeman.

The results of the treatment of different patients with the help of complex hirudotherapy methods are reported, within which new directions of clinical medicine were determined: hirudoenergoreabilitation, hirudovegetology – a simplified analogue of acupuncture, hirudo-endocrinology, hirudorevitalization – rejuvenation using auto-stem cells .

The question of expediency is raised in medical research and therapeutic programs to take into account the presence of the energy system that connects a person to the environment, and its correction allows a complex influence on the parameters of a pathological process through the unity of body, soul, and spirit in the light of the precepts of IP Pavlov.

The book is written for the wide medical community.

Table of Contents:
Hirudovegetative endocrinocardial essay
Nosodes in Hirudotherapy
Kaleidoscope of a complex hirudotherapy
Instead of an afterword.
Preface to Oncology
List of a reference literature